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By Reza Shah-Kazemi

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Ali b. Abi Talib--son-in-law and cousin of the prophet Muhammad, first Shi'i imam and fourth caliph--is a huge determine in the Islamic culture. This booklet is the 1st severe engagement in English with the highbrow ideas underpinning his teachings. The booklet focuses relatively at the religious and moral content material of his teachings and evaluates Ali's "sacred belief of justice," whereas exploring the intimate connections among Ali's teachings and later Sufi doctrines.

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As we have seen, according to the Imam, one of the most important aspects of this ‘call’ from God to human beings is to ‘remind them of the buried treasures of the intellect’. Existentiation is the bestowal of the spirit, which is consciousness; hence, the ʿaql or intellect, the principle of articulation for the spirit, is not merely a mental faculty but is itself constitutive of our true life. The intellect is that of which the mental faculty is one formal expression, one mode of its operation, but by no means the only one.

29 ‘May God have mercy on ʿAlī. ’31 ‘O ʿAlī, you are a leader (sayyid) in the world and the Hereafter. Your beloved is my beloved, and my beloved is the beloved of God; your enemy is my enemy, and my enemy is the enemy of God. ’32 ‘Whoever desires to live my life and to die my death and to take his rest in the eternal Garden my Lord has promised me, let him orient himself towards ʿAlī b. ’. The Prophet said, ‘No’. ’. 38 ‘O ʿAlī, there is in you something akin to Jesus, on whom be peace and blessings.

And knowledge is a judge, while wealth is judged. O Kumayl ibn Ziyād, those who hoard wealth perish even while they live, but the knowers endure for as long as time subsists; their [material] forms87 are absent, but their [spiritual] images in the hearts are present. Ah, what abundant knowledge is here [pointing to his breast]; would that I could find one to bear it. Yes, I found one who was quick to understand, but he could not be trusted with it, exploiting the tools of religion for the sake of worldly gain, empowering himself with the graces of God against His slaves, and with His proofs against His friends.

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