Islam in Australia by Abdullah Saeed PDF

By Abdullah Saeed

ISBN-10: 1865088641

ISBN-13: 9781865088648

In this transparent and obtainable creation to the realm of Islam, the background, ideals, practices, and legislation of this old faith are brought. With a different specialize in Muslims in Australia, the publication addresses such matters because the identities of practitioners of Islam in Australia, what they suspect and the way they perform their ideals, and the truth at the back of the customarily unfavorable stereotypes provided within the media. The emergence of Islam and its striking contributions to philosophy, technology, astrology, and medication are outlined.

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When the time for prayer comes, Muslim men from the neighbourhood will generally visit the mosque to pray there. However, because Muslims can pray in any clean place, it is not uncommon to see them praying in a park, or in a quiet corner of an unused room at work. Before each prayer, one is expected to wash one’s hands, face, arms and feet. Under certain circumstances, one may have to take a shower or a bath before praying in order to make oneself ritually clean. The Muslim must wear clean clothes that cover the body.

Beliefs about the purpose of life Muslims believe that God has endowed human beings with the faculty of reason. This gives human beings the ability to choose whether they wish to follow the guidelines that God has provided them through His prophets or not. According to the Qur’an, if a person chooses to believe in God and to follow His instructions, they will have made the right choice and be considered successful. This is not measured in terms of material gain, such as fortune or fame, but rather by spiritual gain.

Physics • New research on light by figures such as Ibn al-Haytham (d. QXD 36 26/5/03 1:04 PM Page 36 Islam in Australia research on refraction and reflection. He arrived at the solution to what is known today as ‘Alhazen’s Problem’. • Contribution to the study of motion, and criticisms of the Aristotelian theory of motion. Chemistry • Establishment of laboratories. • Division of substances into plant, mineral or animal. • Separation of alchemy from chemistry, and providing the foundation for the development of chemistry.

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