If a Lion Could Talk: Animal Intelligence and the Evolution - download pdf or read online

By Stephen Budiansky

ISBN-10: 0684837102

ISBN-13: 9780684837109

ISBN-10: 0756765552

ISBN-13: 9780756765552

What percentage folks have stuck ourselves observing into the eyes of a puppy, brooding about what concepts lie in the back of these eyes? Or fallen into a controversy over that's smarter, the puppy or the cat? Scientists have performed intricate experiments attempting to be certain no matter if animals from chimps to pigeons can converse, count number, cause, or perhaps lie. So does technological know-how let us know what we think -- that animals are pretty well like us, basically now not as clever? easily, no. Now, during this excellent e-book, Stephen Budiansky poses the basic query: "What is intelligence?" His resolution takes us at the final natural world experience to animal cognizance. Budiansky starts by way of exposing our tendency to determine ourselves in animals. Our anthropomorphism permits us to understand intelligence simply in habit that mimics our personal. This prejudice, he argues, betrays an absence of mind's eye. each one species is so really expert that almost all in their skills are easily now not similar. on the mercy of our anthropomorphic trends, we proceed to puzzle over unnecessary matters like even if a wing or an arm is best, or no matter if evening imaginative and prescient is best than day imaginative and prescient, instead of getting to know the genuine global of a winged nighthawk, a thoroughbred horse, or an African lion. Budiansky investigates the occasionally weird and wonderful learn at the back of animal intelligence experiments: from horses who can count number or ace background quizzes, and primates who look fluent in signal language, to rats who appear to have turn into self-aware, he unearths that regularly those animals are responding to our tiny subconscious cues. And, whereas severely discussing scientists' interpretations of animal intelligence, he's capable of lay out their discoveries by way of what we all know approximately ourselves. for example, by means of placing you within the minds of canine or bees who commute via useless reckoning, he demonstrates that this is often additionally the way you locate your manner down a well-known road with virtually no awake understanding of your navigation procedure. glossy cognitive technology and the hot technology of evolutionary ecology are starting to express that pondering in animals is greatly advanced and beautiful in its style. A pigeon's skill to discover its manner domestic from nearly at any place has little to do with comparative intelligence; quite it's end result of the pigeon's very various conception of the area. that is why, as Wittgenstein stated, "If a lion may perhaps speak, we'd now not comprehend him." during this interesting e-book, Budiansky frees us from the shackles of our principles in regards to the flora and fauna, and opens a window to the unbelievable worlds of the animals that encompass us.

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