Ideologies and Political Theories: A Conceptual Approach - download pdf or read online

By Michael Freeden

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Ideologies play a very important function within the means we comprehend and form the political global. even if, nobody has been capable of clarify the character of ideologies themselves. during this very important new booklet, Freeden deals a ground-breaking method of the topic. Drawing at the political event of england, France, Germany, and the us over the past 2 hundred years, the writer presents an in-depth exam of the entire key political ideologies: liberalism, conservatism, socialism, feminism, and eco-friendly political thought.

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Biffig et A,, Ideological Dilemmas (London, 1988), M. Rokeach, The Open and Closed Mind (New York, I960). Billig, Ideological Dilemmas, 28. Staking Out: Analysing Ideologies 23 with power, though not invariably with the threatening or exploitative version of power. For inasmuch as ideologies justify certain political decisions and encourage political action, they evoke power as the influence and direction of human beings. In that sense they are sometimes alluded to as 'neutral' analytical devices, though the strategy adopted here will have to qualify that neutrality heavily.

It will be seen throughout this study that, on the sole basis of the morphology of political argument, as explored in Chapter 2, it is difficult to separate ideologies from political philosophies. Both use the same raw material, political concepts; both do so in patterns which lend themselves to similar analysis; both introduce, consciously or unconsciously, particular cultural and temporal standards of attributing meaning to words. Nevertheless, though significant structural similarities abound, and though these structures assist in defining substantive content, the shrinking of the analytical distance between political philosophy62 and ideology does not imply their total collapse into the same phenomenon.

However, his version of intersubjective and approximate truth could not come to grips with accepting ideology (and its progressive counterpart, Utopia) as a normal, rather than pathological or narrowly partial, manifestation of indeterminate social thought. Discounting the weaknesses both of the Mannheimian view of ideology and of Mannheim's solution to its existence, it expedited consideration of the relationship between political thinking and the external world and, within political thought, of the connections between the abnormal, the normal, and the normative.

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