New PDF release: IPv6 Advanced Protocols Implementation, 2007 Edition

By Qing Li, Tatuya Jinmei, KeiichiShima


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Version This field specifies the version of the RIPng protocol in operation. [RFC2080] defines version 1 of RIPng. The next two bytes must be set to zero by the sender. Each Routing Table Entry (RTE) field is 20 bytes in size and specifies a reachable IPv6 destination. The format of the RTE field is shown in Figure 1-10. IPv6 prefix The IPv6 prefix is 16 bytes in size and specifies either an IPv6 network or an IPv6 end node depending on the prefix length. The prefix is stored in network byte order.

3 Overview of Vector-based Algorithms and Link-State Algorithm 9 FIGURE 1-6 F B A C B A E D E F B B D E D A A C C F F E C E C A D B C D F A D E B F D C A E F B Second stage of the link-state algorithm: building the shortest path tree. FIGURE 1-7 B A C B A F E D E F B B D E D A A C C F F C E C A D B E B C D F A D E F D C A E B F Routing based on the shortest path tree. Chapter 1—IPv6 Unicast Routing Protocols 10 that is, an unreachable network may still be advertised as reachable by some routers.

At a minimum the NOTIFICATION message is 21 bytes in size if Data is not present. The various error codes are listed in Table 1-3. 5 Introduction to BGP4+ 25 TABLE 1-3 Error Code Description Subcode Description 1 Message Header Error 1 Connection Not Synchronized 2 Bad Message Length 3 Bad Message Type 1 Unsupported Version Number 2 Bad Peer AS 3 Bad BGP Identifier 2 3 OPEN Message Error UPDATE Message Error 4 Hold Time Expired 5 Finite State Machine Error 6 Cease 4 Unsupported Optional Parameters 5 Deprecated 6 Unacceptable Hold Time 1 Malformed Attribute List 2 Unrecognized Well-known Attribute 3 Missing Well-known Attribute 4 Attribute Flags Error 5 Attribute Length Error 6 Invalid ORIGIN Attribute 7 Deprecated 8 Invalid NEXT_HOP Attribute 9 Optional Attribute Error 10 Invalid Network Field 11 Malformed AS_PATH NOTIFICATION Error Codes.

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