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In 2007, Misha Angrist grew to become the fourth topic within the own Genome undertaking, George Church’s formidable plan to series the total genomic catalog: each participant’s twenty thousand–plus genes and the remainder of his or her six billion base pairs. Unlocking the secrets and techniques of our genomes opens the door to knowing why we're the approach we're and probably solving what ails us, from melanoma and diabetes to weight problems and male trend baldness. yet what precisely will ensue to this data? Will it's a boon or simply one other advertising software?

Here Is a Human Being is the 1st in-depth examine own genomics—its larger-than-life study matters; its marketers and do-it-yourselfers; its know-how builders; and the bewildered physicians and regulators who needs to negotiate with it—and what it skill to be a “public genome” in an international the place privateness is already below siege.

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As chief information officer at Harvard Medical School and CareGroup Healthcare System, he is responsible for the information needs of three thousand doctors and the health records of two million patients. He is conversant in twelve computer languages. 1 He is also apt to be mistaken for a shoplifter at Home Depot. After the Food and Drug Administration approved the technology in 2004, Halamka had a bean-sized Radio Frequency Identification chip implanted in his right triceps. The RFID contains his medical record identifiers.

Bard shepherded him through the consent process. Since George was putting both his genotype and phenotype on the Web and therefore making it available for public scrutiny, Bard said the IRB wanted to gauge the initial experience first. “We wanted to know how it would play in Peoria, so to speak,” said Bard. “Dr. ”59 Bard is a short man who, when I met with him in his softly lit office at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, wore a white hospital coat. As a perpetually confused Jew, I was anxious to avail myself of his other skill set.

5 Halamka was probably destined to become Subject Number Two: like him, the PGP was another Harvard-based bit of self-experimentation and potential compromises in personal privacy. That’s not to equate the two. For all of their potential applications, in the early 2000s RFIDs and GPS devices were really nothing more than LoJack for human beings—fancy dog tags. But if Harvard geneticist George Church had his way, the Personal Genome Project would raise the stakes by making public thousands of identifiable human DNA sequences.

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