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Lines the lifetime of the executive of a small Mongol tribe who demonstrated an enormous empire from Peking to the Black Sea within the 12th century.

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During the next few years, Temujin concentrated his efforts on building an army and training his men. He organized the army into platoons based on units of 10. Each group had specific functions and was combined with other units into 1000-man groups called quarans. At one point early on, he had built his army up to 13 quarans. Commanders communicated their positions and movements to each other with white and black signal flags, and scouts were used to bait the enemy forces and lead them right into traps set by other leaders.

The difficulties of his early life, it seems, helped him grow into his name — into a man of iron. At the same time, he was reputed to be a fair and generous commander, known to give a man the cloak off his back. Although he was single-minded in his quest for power, he was also careful to share gains with followers. Accounts of Temujin glorify him as intelligent, brave, and an adept fighter, even from an early age. As such he was a real threat to the leaders of the other tribes of the steppes, and was required to fight nearly constantly to maintain his status.

There are no weight categories or age limits in this national sport. The wrestlers wear heavy boots, a loincloth, and a small cap. The goal is to knock or throw down the other wrestler and force him to touch the ground with either an elbow or knee. Winners are awarded honorary titles and given gifts. Horse racing is also hundreds of years old. During the Mongolian Empire, soldiers used these races to demonstrate their riding skill and the speed of their specially chosen mounts. Today both boys and girls compete, beginning as young as age two.

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