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By Zygmunt Frajzyngier (Ed.), Traci S. Curl (Ed.)

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This article examines the kinds and features of reflexives. the image that emerges from the experiences within the quantity exhibits a definite measure of convergence of effects, even if analyses were carried out from diverse theoretical views and had diverse targets. The papers don't intend to be the ultimate statements at the material. they target to provide a number of ways huge sufficient to be of curiosity for linguists engaged on the problems of grammatical kin, thematic family members, anaphora and coreferentiality, lexical and grammatical different types, lexicalization, diachronic class alterations and grammaticalization often.

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Within the oblique Case system situations vary. Oblique Case in Frisian has only one value. Hence, no free selection of a value is possible. Therefore, if the entry has oblique Case, it is not specified for Case in the sense of (48). Thus, it may be part of a chain, hence locally bound. On the other hand, if a language has distinctions among oblique cases, having oblique Case will again entail being specifie for Case. For instance, in Standard German prepositions do license various cases; therefore, in Standard German even in adjunct PPs locally bound pronominals are disallowed and an anaphor (sich) is chosen instead.

I will be using it in its meta-theoretical sense. The vocabulary of a theory frequently contains terms corresponding to pretheoretical notions. Since very often pretheoretical notions stem from older and hence venerable traditions, there is a tendency to use them as if their meaning is uncontroversial. But, in no science can it be taken for granted that, as 36 eric reuland theories develop, pretheoretical notions will carry over unchanged. So, one should be quite careful not to use them too naively.

Both the definition of A–chains and the wellformedness condition in (46) we adopt lead to a departure from the assumption that chains carry precisely one Case and one thematic role (see Reinhart and Reuland (1993) for justification). 13. It can be easily shown that other features cannot be involved, see the folowing table: Gender Not relevant: The third person plural pronoun zij does not show a gender contrast, yet it cannot be locally bound. Person Not relevant: first, second, and third person pronouns all have a person feature.

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