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By Alice Roberts

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Come head to head with our ancestors

Travel again eight million years with Evolution The Human Story and pass on a desirable trip to find how our species has built from tree-dwelling primates to trendy humans.

This is the 1st time that the tale of evolution has been documented in such notable visible aspect because of the paintings of popular Dutch paleoartists, Kennis and Kennis. Staggeringly practical CGI and version reconstructions from unique fossils deliver us head to head with our ancestors portraying them as by no means earlier than. Plus, Dr Alice Roberts stocks her huge wisdom assisting solution all of the huge questions and more.

Evolution: The Human Story is filled with all of the newest discoveries and profiles each human ancestor to this point from Ardipithecus ramidus to Homo neanderthalensis. an important learn for someone involved find out the place we come from. Now to be had in ebook(PDF)

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Members of a species that are best adapted Evolution is also creative, in that one ancestor to their local environments survive, breed, can give rise to many descendants. For and pass their special characteristics to their example, the first known bird, Archaeopteryx, young; the fittest young thrive and breed, and which lived 150 million years ago, is close to eventually an entirely new species is formed. being the ancestor of all 10,000 modern species of birds. So, the combination of a unique radius humerus set of adaptations – feathers, wings, lightweight skeleton, excellent eyesight – were digits the source of a remarkable wrist bones CHIMPANZEE evolutionary radiation as the ulna ARM humerus first birds exploited all the new opportunities afforded them radius wrist bones by their ability to fly.

Pink facial skin of juvenile will darken with age COMMON CHIMPANZEE The relaxed posture and facial expression of this young chimp reflect its mood. Like most primates, chimpanzees use their faces and bodies to advertise their intentions. grasping hands and feet BONOBO A slighter built species of chimpanzee from the tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, bonobos exhibit different behaviours from those of common chimpanzees, especially the use of sex between individuals of all ages as a way to reduce tensions in the community.

This can be used for experimental studies using computer software, as well as to produce a 3-D skull model in plastic. plastic copy of human ear INTO THE SCANNER A modern human skull and fragments of a Neanderthal skull are passed through a computerized tomography (CT) scanner. This images many “slices” through each object, forming the basis for a 3-D reconstruction. SCANNING A CT scan shows the skull of a Neanderthal child, found at Devil’s Tower, Gibraltar, in 1926. It reveals a section through the braincase (top) and nasal and palate region (bottom).

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