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Reports at the syntactic results of occasion variety in languages have proven that Aktionsart performs a task in common Grammar. This booklet contributes to the exploration of the syntax/semantics interface via proposing a radical comparability of occasion and predicate kinds in English and Spanish. The mapping among occasion and syntactic predicate kinds, together with detransitives, is given a minimalist account in response to the practical different types that embed occasion gains and on a cautious research of the gains checked through items. because the publication delves into the theoretical factor of the way parameters are characterised, it offers the main finished account up to now of occasion sort phenomena in Spanish, an leading edge research of the clitic SE and a re-definition of unaccusativity. the speculation is then utilized to the continuing concerns within the sentence processing literature. an offer is made for an replace of the present information in mild of those newest linguistic discoveries.

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A proposal based on features, however, will naturally account for the two types of delimitation performed by objects (with and without measure). 4 The present proposal and its coverage This proposal bears on issues of transitivity and detransitivization and it allows for the understanding of a wide range of phenomena related to types of syntactic predicates. First, it accounts for the regular mapping between event types and syntactic predicate types (transitive and unergative). 2). , need an internal argument).

We began to leave (achievement) d. , me encanta la musical to me charms the music, "I love music"). I use here the less preferred but possible translation amar, which is a transitive verb, just like English love. 22 EVENTS AND PREDICATION Figure 1 can be split horizontally as well as vertically. The horizontal split between achievements and accomplishments on the one hand, and states and activities on the other, is performed according to whether the predicate entails a well-defined point at which a change occurs.

However, this is an idiosyncratic trait of the verb. Idiosyncratic features cannot check syntactic features. In order for the verb to be able to check a syntactic feature (interpretable or uninterpretable) of a functional projection, it must enter into a syntactic derivation in which it merges with other elements. In particular, in order to check the interpretable syntactic feature [+telic], it must be delimited by an object. Chapter 4 develops this idea in relation to the existence of unaccusative predicates and to the properties of passive constructions.

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