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A precis of medical strategy is a quick description of what makes technological know-how medical. it's written in an immediate, transparent type that's available and informative for scientists and technology scholars. it truly is meant to aid technological know-how academics clarify how technological know-how works, highlighting strengths with out ignoring obstacles, and to assist scientists articulate the method and criteria in their paintings.

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First released in 1976, this can be a quantity of experiences at the difficulties of theory-appraisal within the actual sciences - how and why vital theories are constructed, replaced and are changed, and via what standards we pass judgement on one conception an develop on one other. the amount is brought by means of a vintage paper of Imre Lakatos's, which units out a thought for tackling those difficulties - the technique of medical study programmes.

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J. D. Bernal's enormous paintings technology in background is the 1st full-scale try and examine the connection among technology and society all through background, from the perfection of the 1st flint hand ax to the development of the hydrogen bomb. This impressive learn illustrates the impetus given to and the constraints put upon discovery and invention by means of pastoral, agricultural, feudal, capitalist, and socialist platforms, and conversely the ways that technological know-how has altered monetary, social, and political opinions and practices.

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Der seltsamste Mensch ist der mit dem Costa-Buchpreis ausgezeichnete Bericht über Paul Dirac, den berühmten Physiker, der manchmal als der englische Einstein bezeichnet wird. Er conflict einer der führenden Pioniere der großen Revolution in der Wissenschaft des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts: der Quantenmechanik.

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This is a logical thesis— even though it is mistaken. ^ It may be regarded as a system of theories on which we work as do masons on a cathedral. The aim is to find theories which, in the light of critical discussion, get nearer to the truth. Thus the aim is the increase of the truth-content of our theories (which, as I have shown,2 can be achieved only by increasing their content). I cannot conclude without pointing out that to me the idea of turning for enlightenment concerning the aims of science, and its possible progress, to sociology or to psychology (or, as Pearce Williams recommends, to the history of science) is surprising and disappointing.

One such expectation is, for example, part of the story of oxygen’s belated discovery. U sing a standard test for “ the goodness o f air” , both Priestley and Lavoisier m ixed two volumes o f their gas with one volume of nitric oxide, shook the mixture over water, and measured the volume o f the gaseous residue. T h e previous experience from which this standard procedure had evolved assured them that with atmospheric air the residue would be one volume and that for any other gas (or for polluted air) it would be greater.

It’s just Kuhn’s name for a set of habits, that’s all. ’ This is not correct, even about Kuhn. Besides his sociological paradigms (sense 2), he has metaphysical paradigms (sense i), and also artefact paradigms, or construct paradigms (sense 3). It is easy to show that he has at least these. But quite apart from what Kuhn, taken now as a philosopher, has actually said about paradigms, there is a deeper and more immediate reason for not being satisfied with a purely sociological sense of ‘paradigm’, which is that any definition of this is bound to be circular.

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