J.P. Schadé and J. Smith (Eds.)'s Computers and Brains PDF

By J.P. Schadé and J. Smith (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 044440855X

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WIENER, N. AND SCHADE, J . P. (1965) Cybernetics of the Nervous System, Progress in Brain Research, Vol. 17, Elsevier, Amsterdam. This volume contains a series of interdisciplinary papers on cybernetics of the nervous system. Among others, the following subjects are discussed : organismic reliability, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, information theory in relation to human perception, mathematical models for verbal learning, probability statistical models of brain organization, neuron models and learning mechanisms in the brain.

18 J. P. S C H A D ~A~N D J. ~ -___ .. Conductive part of the neuron. TABLE 2 P R I N C I P A L MOSSY FIBER P A T H W A Y S I N CEREBELLAR C O K T ~ X * (According to Eccles) Excitatory Path way Divergence number Inhibitory Pathway Convergence number Mossy fibers J. 4 Purkinje cells J. 4 600 Granule cells Parallel fibers J. 4 Convergence number Mossy fibers 600 Granule cells Parallel fibers Divergence number 300 100 000 J. Basket cells Basket cell axons 4 Purkinje cell axons - 30 - 50 - 10 000 20 * The major divergence and convergence properties of one of the input systems of a neuronal circuit in the cerebellum.

R. (1965) Somnambulism: all night electroencephalographic studies. Science, 148, 975-977. JASPER, H. H. AND STEFANIS, C. (1965) Intracellular oscillatory rhythms in pyramidal cells of the cat. Electroenceph. Clin. , 18, 541-553. KADO,R. T. AND ADEY,W. R. (1968) Electrode problems in central nervous monitoring in performing subjects. Ann. N . Y . Acad. , 148, article 1, 263-278. KLUVER,H. AND BUCY,P. C. (1939) Preliminary analysis of functions of the temporal lobes in monkeys. Arch. Neurol. , 42, 979-1000.

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