City Quarters: Temple Quarter (d20 System) - download pdf or read online

By J. D. Wiker, Christopher West

ISBN-10: 1932442405

ISBN-13: 9781932442403

The second one publication within the urban region sequence from the sport Mechanics (Modern Player's better half, Artifacts of the Ages), information the folks, locations, and plots of the delusion urban of Liberty, first noticeable within the ENnie-nominated Thieves' region sourcebook. Temple zone provides a number of new religions, their temples, their monks and priestesses, and their ceremonies and rituals - in addition to their extra secular goals... and their political intrigues. Modular in layout, Temple sector might be tailored wholesale to any urban in any delusion crusade, or Gamemasters can cherry-pick no matter what they wish, every time they wish it. With lushly illustrated maps via Christopher West, dozens of absolutely constructed NPCs, and huge come across tables loaded with event hooks, Temple sector is a ready-made mini-setting designed to be dropped into approximately any d20 myth crusade at a moment's observe. destiny urban Quarters volumes will contain Arcane region, Noble District, Mercenaries' zone, Palace District, and the Outlands.

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SQ spells; AL LN; SV Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +9; Str 7, Dex 11, Con 9, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 17. Skills and Feats: Heal +6, Knowledge (architecture and engineering) +12, Knowledge (geography) +6, Knowledge (history) +12, Knowledge (religion) +15, Listen +4, Perform (dance) +11, Perform (oratory) +14, Perform (sing) +11, Perform (string instruments) +14, Search +5, Sense Motive +6, Speak Common, Speak Elven, Speak Gnome, Speak Istiran, Speak Sylvan, Spot +4; Skill Focus (Knowledge [religion]), Skill Focus (Perform [oratory]), Skill Focus (Perform [string instrument]).

Chapter One: Places 29 tablet kept in the Vault and safeguarded by the Hero. A secret, second copy is in the possession of the Prince. Further, the Hero’s Welcome only functions if the last person it resurrected is either no longer alive or has bodily traveled to the home plane of his or her deity. Consequently, it may be necessary to persuade the current Hero to lay down his life to allow another person to be brought back from the dead—not necessarily an easy task, depending on the Hero’s personality and goals.

Olmar and his ranking clerics also conduct strength-training exercises in the temple. Many of these exercises involve rearranging the temple’s furnishings for various daily rituals and meals; when visitors arrive, this is most often where the cleric in residence can be found. The temple’s lower-ranking clerics and lay clergy aid in the exercises, splitting the worshippers into groups based on age and physical ability, while Olmar or one of his aides works his way through the individual classes, evaluating the progress of the worshippers and offering advice and expert instruction.

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City Quarters: Temple Quarter (d20 System) by J. D. Wiker, Christopher West

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