Christmas At The Royal Institution: An Anthology of Lectures by Frank James PDF

By Frank James

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Because the mid-1820s, a sequence of lectures has been brought every year over the Christmas interval within the world-famous Faraday Lecture Theatre on the Royal establishment of serious Britain via renowned scientists, addressed in particular to an viewers of youngsters. at the start made obtainable in publication shape, the lectures were nationally televised during the united kingdom and allotted all over the world because the Sixties, making them obtainable to a good greater viewers. the significance of those lectures in selling technology to a wide viewers could be top gauged via the truth that a picture of 1 of Faraday's lectures seemed at the financial institution of britain ??20 word within the Nineties. This anthology brings jointly, for the 1st time, a gently selected collection of eleven lectures from the 1860s to the Nineteen Nineties. the choice comprises lectures via Michael Faraday, arguably an important and influential 19th-century physicist, and Lawrence Bragg, the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Prize. via this paintings, readers will come to grips with the altering nature of well known technological know-how lectures during the last one hundred forty years. Contents: The Correlation of the actual Forces (M Faraday); Carbon or Charcoal Coal gasoline respiratory and Its Analogy to the Burning of a Candle end (M Faraday); The different types of Water in Clouds and Rivers, Ice and Glaciers (J Tyndall); classes in electrical energy (J Tyndall); Stars (R S Ball); R?¶ntgen mild (S P Thompson); the nice Extinct Reptiles Dinosaurs from the Oolites The Pariasaurus and Inostransevia from the Trias of North Russia and South Africa Marine Reptiles (E R Lankester); The Atoms of Which issues Are Made (W H Bragg); Our electric offer (W L Bragg); items and photographs (R L Gregory); Gallery of Monsters (I Stewart).

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If I take these two bottles, inhaling here and exhaling there, the arrangement of the tubes will prevent the air going backwards. The air coming in will go to my mouth and lungs, and in going out, will pass through the lime-water, so that I can go on breathing and making an experiment, very refined in its nature, and very good in its results. You will observe that the good air has done nothing to the lime-water; in the other case nothing has come to the lime-water but my respiration, and you see the difference in the two cases.

I will now hold my mouth over the aperture, and without blowing the flame in any way, let no air enter the tube but what comes from my mouth. You see the result. I did not blow the candle out. I merely let the air which I expired pass into the aperture, and the result was that the light went out for want of oxygen, and for no other reason. qxd 26 10/17/2007 10:02 AM Page 26 M. Faraday supply the combustion of the candle. It is, I think, very pretty to see the time it takes before the bad air which I throw into this part of the apparatus has reached the candle.

A candle does not so show it, but it contains carbon. qxd 10/17/2007 10:02 AM Page 23 Carbon or Charcoal—Coal Gas—Respiration 23 carbonic acid abundantly,—you do not see the carbon, but we can soon show it to you. I will light it, and as long as there is any gas in this cylinder it will go on burning. You see no carbon, but you see a flame, and because that is bright it will lead you to guess that there is carbon in the flame. But I will show it to you by another process. I have some of the same gas in another vessel, mixed with a body that will burn the hydrogen of the gas, but will not burn the carbon.

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Christmas At The Royal Institution: An Anthology of Lectures by M. Faraday, J. Tyndall, R. S. Ball, S. P. Thompson, E. R. Lankester, W. H. Bragg, W. L. Bragg, R. L. Gregory, and I. Stewart by Frank James

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