Download e-book for iPad: Challenging False Logic Puzzles by Norman D. Willis

By Norman D. Willis

ISBN-10: 0806997206

ISBN-13: 9780806997209

Welcome to the backwards, wrong-way, mixed-up nation of Lidd. it is the magical domestic of fake good judgment puzzles, and you need to clear up them! simply learn the location, try out the various innovations, and look for inconsistencies. pick out a degree of hassle, from one-star "challenging" puzzles to three-star "mind-expanding" ones. if you happen to hit a snag, flip to the tricks section-or in case you are hopelessly stumped, visit recommendations for the perfect resolution and the good judgment in the back of it.

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Which is the odd one out? pupil, cornea, iris, cochlea, retina 25 Test and Assess Your IQ 10. What number should replace the question mark? 9 3 8 32 55 5 6 7 7 ? 5 9 11. Put 10 of the words below together to find five items you might find in a kitchen or dining room. Two words in the list are not used. board, hot, screw, basin, sauce, table, plate, cup, steam, cork, pan, cloth 26 Test Two: Questions 12. How many lines appear below? 13. NOW I TOP FIVE is an anagram of what familiar phrase? Clue: outlook.

Which two pieces below can be fitted together to form a perfect square? B A C D F E 32. Which is the longest word in the English language that can be produced from the 10 letters below? No letter can be used more than once. HUTLKEMFAN 33. What number should replace the question mark? 5 2 3 8 13 7 4 1 6 20 ? 2 51 Test and Assess Your IQ 34. is to: as: is to: A B C D E F 35. What is the opposite of intractable? a) b) c) d) tameable misdeed baleful vindictive 36. Simplify: 27 54 9 ÷ ÷ 91 13 13 37.

Fill in the missing letters to produce the name of a colour: – – – AMAR – – – 38. Which is the opposite of plethora? a) b) c) d) 52 scarcity satisfy surfeit copious Test Three: Questions 39. Which number is the odd one out? 8674 2197 2493 7163 6847 3826 1376 3429 1927 40. Fill in the missing letters to produce the name of a sporting activity: – – – OBAT – – – 53 Test Three: Answers 1. E: it contains four white dots, the rest only contain three 2. assay, examine 3. subdue 4. B: looking across, alternate numbers are +2 and +5.

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