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By Manning Marable, Hishaam D. Aidi

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Starting with nineteenth century narratives of African American tourists to the Holy Land, the next chapters probe Islam's position in city social hobbies, track and pop culture, family among African americans and Muslim immigrants, and the racial politics of yankee Islam with the continued warfare in Iraq.

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In fact, however, the attempt by the Umayyads (the first Muslim dynasty) in the first/seventh century to perpetuate a system that reduced non-Arabs to second-class citizenship failed. After that, once a people was Arabized, it became equal in its Arabness to its conquerors, as was the case, for example, with the Egyptians, Syrians, and North Africans. This was true whether the adoption occurred through force, choice, Black Orientalism 43 or osmosis. 30 By contrast, when the language, religion, and culture of New World Africans were destroyed and replaced by English and Protestantism, these blacks were rendered neither English nor American.

22 Nationalist Black Orientalism: Molefi Asante There are at least three types of Black Orientalism: Nationalist, Academic, and Religious. All three impugn the relationship between Blackamericans and historical Islam. 26 The purpose of these works was to lay out the aims, ideological underpinnings, and practical methodology for an approach to historical, cultural, and sociological studies that viewed the world, especially the African world, from the perspective of Africa and Africans rather than from the dominant Eurocentric perspective that claimed objectivity and universality.

In the face of this new, immigrant authority, ostensibly grounded in the supertradition of historical 36 Black Routes to Islam Islam, Blackamerican Muslims found themselves unable to address their realities in ways that were likely to prove effective in an American context or be recognized as Islamic in a Muslim one. In addition, this new ideological dependency left them unable to insulate the positive features of their Blackamerican culture and legacy from the hostile reflexes of an immigrant Islam still reeling in reaction to its nemesis: the modern West.

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