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By Rudolf Pell Gaudio

ISBN-10: 1444310526

ISBN-13: 9781444310528

A wealthy and engrossing account of 'sexual outlaws' within the Hausa-speaking zone of northern Nigeria, the place Islamic legislation calls for strict separation of the sexes and assorted principles of habit for girls and males in nearly each aspect of life.

the 1st ethnographic examine of sexual minorities in Africa, and one in every of only a few works on sexual minorities within the Islamic world

Engagingly written, combining cutting edge, ethnographic narrative with analyses of sociolinguistic transcripts, old texts, and renowned media, together with video, movie, newspapers, and song-poetry

Analyzes the social reviews and expressive tradition of 'yan daudu (feminine males in Nigerian Hausaland) in terms of neighborhood, nationwide, and worldwide debates over gender and sexuality on the flip of the twenty-first century

Winner of the 2009 Ruth Benedict Prize within the type of "Outstanding Monograph"

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