Why I Am Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq PDF

By Ibn Warraq

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Those that perform the Muslim religion have resisted examinations in their faith. they're tremendous guarded approximately their faith, and what they think about blasphemous acts by means of sceptical Muslims and non-Muslims alike has in simple terms served to pique the world's interest. This serious exam unearths an unflattering photo of the religion and its practitioners. however, it's the fact, whatever that has both been intentionally hid by way of smooth students or buried in imprecise journals available merely to a choose few.

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Letters Written by a Turkish Spy, published at the end of the seventeenth century, inaugurated the eighteenth-century vogue for the pseudoforeign letter, such as Montesquieu's Lettres Persanes (1721), Madame de Grafigny's Lettres d'une Péruvienne (ca. 'Argen's Lettres Chinoises (1750), Voltaire's "Asiatic" in the Dictionnaire Philosophique (1764), Horace Walpole's "Letter from Xo H o , a Chinese Philosopher at London, to his friend Lien-Chl, at Peking" (1757), and Goldsmith's Citizen of the World (1762), in which Lien Chi Altangj pronounces philosophical and satirical comments on the manners of the English.

Laughter is no substitute for argument, and valid arguments are singularly lacking in Carlyle's essay. " What "arguments" there are are fallacious. Muhammad cannot have been an impostor. Why not? It is inconceivable that so many people could have been taken in by a mere trickster and insincere fraud. His genuineness lies in the success of his religion—truth by numbers. Carlyle parades the total number of Muslims, which he takes to be 180 million, in front of our eyes to impress us and imply falsely that Muhammad could not have persuaded so many to embrace a false religion.

Is its truth also growing year by year? There are more Christians worldwide than Muslims—is Christianity more true than Islam? " The converse is also true. " Again, an obviously fallacious argument. How do we know Muhammad was sincere? " Why was he so successful? "Because he was sincere"? A patently circular argument! According to an anecdote, L. R o n Hubbard bet Arthur C. Clarke that he could start a new religion; the former therapist then went out and founded the religion of Scientology. It is especially difficult to know how much of their own mumbo jumbo charlatans believe.

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