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By Ed Greenwood

ISBN-10: 0880387572

ISBN-13: 9780880387576

Waterdeep is the 3rd of a three-part sequence of adventures for the complicated DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 2d variation role-playing online game, however it may also stand on my own. Set within the well known FORGOTTEN nation-states online game global, this experience is loosely in response to Richard Awlinson's Waterdeep, the 3rd novel within the Avatar Trilogy. This event is designed for 4 to 6 participant characters of degrees 6 to nine.

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A Waiting Game If the PCs decide to wait in the tower, let them set traps, plan ambushes, and prepare for battle. Stress the danger of confronting an avatar, though by now the players probably need no reminders of this. As battle rages through the city, build suspense while the adventurers look out from the deceptive calm of the tower. At last Myrkul appears . . in force. The god shatters the door to the tower, and his legions of undead night riders storm inside to battle the PCs. Go to the next event.

They are found later and nursed back to health by gnomes in nearby underground caverns. ) But these characters are delayed in reaching Waterdeep, and so are out of the adventure for a while. Lost characters can reappear at a dramatic moment at the adventure’s climax, to rescue the party as they battle Myrkul’s avatar. OFFSTAGE EVENT Midnight, swept downward by the whirlpool in the underground river, winds up in an abandoned underground city, the legendary Kanaglym. The city was built by dwarves long ago, then abandoned when the dwarves accidentally tunneled down to a portal that leads to Myrkul’s realm in Hades.

So the journey continues. If the PCs managed to hang onto their Tablet of Fate through the battle at Dragonspear Castle, they should lose it before they reach Waterdeep. Harry them with more night riders, or have Myrkul himself steal into camp invisibly and steal the tablet from its sleeping guard. Once they lose the tablet, the PCs still should head for Waterdeep. They can guess that is where Myrkul will be, with one or both tablets. Besides, they still want to meet Elminster, so that the sage can help them find Midnight.

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