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By Luigi Beccaluva, Gianluca Bianchini, Marjorie Wilson

ISBN-10: 0813724783

ISBN-13: 9780813724782

The distribution of volcanism within the African plate is the skin expression of various tactics, a lot of that are poorly understood, concerning interplay among the lithosphere and the underlying convective mantle. regardless of the adulthood of the plate tectonic paradigm, our wisdom of the procedures considering the breakup of continents and the formation of latest ocean basins is still constrained. The African Rift method presents a special normal laboratory to check the transition from continental breakup to seafloor spreading. therefore, you will need to discover the similarities one of the volcanic provinces of the Saharan sector, Cameroon volcanic line, Angola and Namibia, and the East African Rift process. the purpose of this quantity is to assemble fresh and up-to-date contributions on African volcanism (and linked mantle xenoliths), supplying multidisciplinary contexts that come with volcanology, geochemistry, petrology, geophysics, and structural geology, for a greater realizing of the geological evolution of the African lithosphere.

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