Download e-book for kindle: Three Muslim Sages: Avicenna-Suhrawardi-Ibn Arabi by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

By Seyyed Hossein Nasr

ISBN-10: 0882065009

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3 Muslim Sages: Avicenna-Suhrawardi-Ibn Arabi

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Cal power of the Abbasid caliphate was rather limited, and the local princes, many of whom were Shi'ah and had a more favorable view toward what the Muslims call the intellectual sciences ( al-'ulum al-'aqliyah), as opposed to the transmitted sciences ( al-'ulum al-naqliyah) derived from the sources of the revelation, ruled over much of the Muslim world. " But gradually the political situation altered: in the 5th/11th SUHRAWARDI . 53 century the Seljuqs, who were the champions of Sunnism and the supporters of the Abbasid caliphate, succeeded in reuniting the Muslim lands of Western Asia and in establishing a strong central government, politically under the Seljuq sultans and religiously under the aegus of the caliphate in Baghdad.

This expression was in turn renamed by John Buridan as impetUs impressus and defined as the product of the mass and velocity which is the same as the momentum of modern physics. The impeto of Galileo, which was his name for momentum, was none other than this concept brought into being by John Philoponos and Avicenna but no longer having the same connotation as it had among the medieval writers. Whereas, for the medieval scientists, impetus was the efficient cause of motion, for Galileo it became a means of describing motion mathematically, making possible through this new interpretation AVICENNA .

THREE MUSLIM SAGES West. His picture as the "prince of physicians" adorned the walls of many cathedrals in Europe, and Dante honored him by placing him in Limbo between the two great medical authorities of antiquity, Hippocrates and Galen. 119 In the East, too, his inHuence as a physician has always been dominant and is still alive today. 80 He wrote many individual treatises on scientific and medical subjects but his most important works in this field are his medical Canon, which contains a wealth of medical and pharmacological information, and the Shifa' in whose chapters on natural philosophy and mathematics he discusses meteorology, mineralogy, geology, botany, zoology, and psychology, as well as arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.

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