The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection by Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling PDF

By Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling

ISBN-10: 0312144458

ISBN-13: 9780312144456

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ISBN-13: 9780312144500

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Includes storiesby Yolen and Bruce Coville; The SplendourFalls: A Changeling:The Dreaming Anthology,editedby Erin E. Kelly(WhiteWolf);Wheelof Fortune,editedby RogerZelazny (Martin H. Greenbergon copyrightpage)(Avon),is an anthologyof gamblingstorieswith a fewgooddarkerstories,particularlythecollaborationby KatheKojaandBarryN. Malzberg; Waniors of Bloodand Dream, editedby RogerZelazny (Greenbergon copyrightpage) (Avon),is a martialartsanthologywith a coupleof darkstories;Full Spectrum5, editedby Tom Dupree,andJannaSilverstein (BantamSpectra), hadexcellent fiction fenniferHershey, but only a smatteringof horrific tales;Tfte Bookof Kings,editedby RichardGilliam and Martin H.

Moore(Simon& SchusA l-oveStoryby Christopher ckingFiends: iutnam'sSons);B/oodsu World by Ceorge (Collancz-UK); Frank's ter); To Build lerusalemby John Whitbourn (Alfred The Cold One bv Knopf); A. Koontz by Dean Mangels(St. Martin's); Intensity (NEL-UK); MemL. Grant charles by (Hodder Stoughton-UK);lackals & Pike christopher nochtie Devil by Anne Rice (Alfred A. Knopfl; Host by Peter fames(Villard Books); Tfte Chostsof Sleatfrby JamesHerbert(HarpDeathwalkerby R. PahickGates(DelliAbyss); Smith (Dutton/AWilliam AbrahamsBook); Rosamund You Can't CatchMe by erPrism); (Onyx); of the Yampireby feanneKalogridis Chitdren Hyman by Tom ThePerfectChild Nailedby theHeart by SimonClark(NEL-UK);TheBloodyRedBaron (Defacorte Press); & Gra0; BoneMusicby Alan Rodgers by Kim Newman(Simon& Schuster-Ul(Carroll 'fhe Bloodof the (Longmeadow Painf It Blackby Nancy A.

DeCandido(BryonPreissBooVDellTradePaperbaqklhasa couple of gooddarkstoriesand one excellentfantasyby S. P. " Surprisinglythis deviceproducedsomefine storiesof fantasy,SF, and minimal horror; CreenEcho, editedby Gary Bowen(ObeleskBooks),collectsthree "ecologicalSF & f" tales;EnchantedForests,editedby KatharineKerr and Martin H. Greenberg(DAW), has somegoodfantasyand darkfantasy;New Talesof L,ovecraft Country: Four Talesof Dread and Darkness(chaosium);Midnight foumeys,editedby Davi Dee and Bill Allen (ozark TrianglePress-not seen),an anthologyof tweng-onehorrorvignettes,sevenoriginal,the restpublishedin the small press;Strangersin the Night by Anne Stuart,ChelseaQuinn Yarbro,and MaggieShayne(Silhouette),an original anthologyof three supernaturallove stories;Tlre Merlin Chronicles,editedby Mike Ashley(Raven),is an anthologyof twentytwo storiesand novelexcerpts,nine original,aboutMerlin and King Arthur; Dark Destiny: Propietorsof Fate, editedby EdwardE.

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The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection (No. 9) by Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling

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