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By Tony Blankely

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Blankley paints the image of a Europe during which radical Islam is positive - a risk that turns into extra genuine with each passing day. Blankley additionally indicates what the USA needs to do to prevent an identical destiny.

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Bāqir replied, ‘Alif [corresponds to] the Spirit [whose seat is] the brain. It is called the Spirit of Faith (rūḥ-i īmān) and is above the Vital Conscious Spirit (rūḥ al-ḥayāt-i nāṭiqah). It testifies to eight other Spirits which are above it and are interconnected within the Spirit of Faith which englobes [everything] from the earth to the heaven. The first one is the Spirit of Preservation (rūḥ-i ḥifẓ) of the Guarded Tablet of the Exalted King. It is concealed within the Spirit of Faith. [22] The next one is the Spirit of Reflection (rūḥ-i fikr) of the Pen of the [Guarded] Tablet.

There he put his foot on the rock, and from there he crossed the seven heavens and reached at ‘two bows’-length’. From there he ascended to the throne, then to the Pedestal, Tablet, and Pen and then he crossed five thousand veils and reached in the presence of the Exalted King where he spoke and listened to ninety thousand words. Then he returned to his house. Umm al-kitāb 27 His bed was still warm. The news [of his ascension] spread among the Arabs [281] who did not believe it. [Its interpretation:] The Sublime Spirit sent the revelation to the heart of Muḥammad, that means to the heart of the believer.

An extraordinary number of colours are displayed to symbolize different theurgies and the corresponding levels of consciousness that man must realize within himself. This text, which remains part of the corpus of the Central Asian Ismaili literature to this day, is held in high esteem particularly by the Nizārī Ismaili communities 16 Umm al-kitāb 17 living in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and northern areas of Pakistan and more generally in the Pamir range. The selection deals primarily with the subject of man and the esoteric and philosophical significance of the Qurʾān and the symbolic significance of worship in Islam.

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