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Natural power the most well known archetypes in roleplaying video games is the power projector the nature who instructions the impressive, elemental powers of power, even if he s a hearth Bolt-flinging wizard in a fable online game, a superhero who glows with uncooked energy as he shoots beams of natural strength, or an energy-manipulating alien in a technological know-how Fiction atmosphere. the final word power Projector is your consultant to making and enjoying power projectors within the HERO process. It offers with all points of power projection powers in HERO method phrases, from the mechanical elements of making them to utilizing them on your crusade safely. It contains: guidance for developing power projectors, together with a evaluate of assorted HERO approach parts talents, Powers, dangers, and extra as they specially pertain to power projectors the strength Spectrum, a scientific evaluate of over 30 types of strength with distinctive info and ideas approximately how they functionality realistically, how they have interaction with each other in video game phrases, and the way to construct talents with them and use them on your crusade a genre-by-genre assessment of power projectors with pattern characters for every form of crusade increased guidance and ideas for adventuring and wrestle with strength projectors arrange to believe the ability with the final word strength Projector!

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When she uses the attack, it functions as the worse of the two special effects. For example, if she attacks someone who has Vulnerability (2 x Effect from Chemical Powers) with it, it functions as a Biological power and does not trigger the Vulnerability. When it interacts with other energy types/special effects, the GM reviews both Chemical and Biological and chooses whichever interaction is worst for Alchemica. LINKED Energy projectors commonly use Linked to create energy attacks and powers with multiple effects.

If a character has Variable Advantage and uses that to apply Area Of Effect to a power, calculate the size of the Area using the Active Points of the power not including the Variable Advantage. VARIABLE SPECIAL EFFECTS Variable Special Effects is another common Advantage for energy projectors’ powers, especially in conjunction with Variable Advantage. If a character has a Variable Special Effect attack, and he makes two attacks with it using Rapid Fire, he cannot vary the special effect of the two attacks — all attacks made with Variable Special Effects via Rapid Fire in a Phase must have the same special effect.

It contains some real-world scientific information to help you evaluate how different energies/special effects work in your campaign, but at a layman’s level that should help most people enhance their games without bogging them down in extensive scientific data. But if you want a lot of scientific data and want to spend a lot of time discussing and debating how different energies/special effects interact, go for it! ” THE SPECIAL EFFECT TEMPLATE Each energy/special effect covered in this chapter (some of which are not actually “energies” at all, but physical phenomena) is addressed in roughly the same fashion.

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