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By Edward O. Wilson

ISBN-10: 0871403307

ISBN-13: 9780871403308

From the main celebrated inheritor to Darwin comes a groundbreaking e-book on evolution, the summa paintings of Edward O. Wilson's mythical career.Sparking lively debate within the sciences, The Social Conquest of Earth upends "the recognized conception that evolution obviously encourages creatures to place relatives first" (Discover). Refashioning the tale of human evolution, Wilson attracts on his amazing wisdom of biology and social habit to illustrate that workforce choice, now not kinfolk choice, is the most desirable driver of human evolution. In a piece that James D. Watson calls "a enormous exploration of the organic origins of the human condition," Wilson explains how our innate force to belong to a gaggle is either a "great blessing and a negative curse" (Smithsonian). Demonstrating that the resources of morality, faith, and the inventive arts are essentially organic in nature, the popular Harvard collage biologist offers us with the clearest clarification ever produced as to the foundation of the human situation and why it ended in our domination of the Earth's biosphere.

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