Poul Anderson's The Snows of Ganymede (Psychotechnic League Book 2) PDF

By Poul Anderson

While the Order of Planetary Engineers despatched corridor Davenant to Ganymede for a terraforming survey, they knew that the activity at the airless, frigid Jovian moon will be tricky. altering it to resemble Earth - with fertile land, water and solid air - was once the largest and most vital planet conversion task ever tried by way of the Engineers. yet they hadn't counted at the already too Earthlike behaviour of the Ganymede colonists, who had by no means altered the traditional Earth-born conduct of intrigue, bigotry and double-dyed treachery!

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Awright. I'm Roberts-John, boss o' Jupiter City. " The Chief led the way to a sort of living room, found himself a chair, and clapped his hands. One of the women brought in a tray of water and synth-dough. It was a shaking effort to nibble sedately at the food instead of wolfing it. The chief asked the Engineers their names and went on to some shrewd questions about the inner planets. " "There was—trouble with the Cincs," said Davenant. He was faintly surprised that he should take the lead, but Kruse was sitting back and saying nothing, eyes half shut with weariness.

There was only a moment's hesitation, as they weighed the meaning. Lyell nodded. "I hate to do it, but . . " He, Kruse, and Yuan, the best shots, took the weapons. The rest loaded equipment on their backs. Kruse flattened himself against the door and opened it just enough to peer out, into the faces of three Hounds. "Boo," he said. The nearest guard scowled and reached for his gun. Kruse snapped three shots. " he yelled, and flung the door wide. The Engineers burst out into the corridor, stumbling over the bodies.

It was utterly cold and dark inside. He floated through many levels, his flash beam a wan puddle of radiance in the smothering black, to find the engines. Still running, still running, at minimum output. Good! Good! He turned them up, and air and light and warmth began slowly filling the empty hulk. When it was safe to take off his space suit, he looped himself to the nearest stanchion and slept the clock around in complete exhaustion. When at last he awoke he inspected his prize. The food synthesizers were still in working order, but needed recharging with chemicals which were in the storerooms.

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