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By Myra J. Hird (auth.)

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All proteobacteria are named by Greek letters based on their DNA Plenty of Room at the Bottom: Thinking Bacteria 29 sequences. Alpha proteobacteria proliferate, and are probably best known through their association with what scientists calls the Oxygen Holocaust. 5 billion years ago, cyanobacteria evolved and began to release oxygen as a waste product. Billions of anaerobic bacteria died, others retreated to anoxic environments such as deep sediments, some adapted metabolic mechanisms to fix oxygen to one molecule thereby removing it from contact with its other molecules, while still others evolved oxygen respiration.

6a and b). Bacteria take advantage of inheritable memory in the form of cell differentiation and inherited gene expression. They also make ‘colonialaided self-executed genetic changes, especially in the noncoding part of the DNA’, for additional long-term memory. ’73 In other words, bacteria make use of a collective epigenetic memory that can, for instance, track previous encounters with antibiotics: ‘they collectively glean information from the environment, “talk” with each other, distribute tasks, and convert their colonies into a massive “brain” that processes information, learns from past experience, and, we suspect, creates new genes to better cope with novel challenges’ (forthcoming).

2). The ‘everything’ to which Margulis refers is all major forms of metabolism, multicellularity, nanotechnology, metallurgy, sensory and locomotive apparatuses (such as the wheel), reproductive strategies and community organization, light detection, alcohol, gas and mineral conversion, hypersex and death. 9 It is difficult to comprehend the prevalence and diversity of bacterial inventions: to do so circumscribes the domain of human purview. 1 ‘Big Like Us’ Centered Time Scale. 2 Prokaryote Centered Time Scale.

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