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By G. A. Chebotarev (auth.), G. A. Chebotarev, E. I. Kazimirchak-Polonskaya, B. G. Marsden (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401028737

ISBN-13: 9789401028738

ISBN-10: 9401028753

ISBN-13: 9789401028752

The many papers via Soviet authors were translated into English by way of A. P. Kirillov, N. A. Nikiforova, E. A. Voronov, and others. many of the papers have been trans­ lated through the authors themselves. The dialogue files were ready on the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy by means of V. ok. Abalakin, N. A. Belyaev, A. P. Kirillov, V. A. Shor, E. A. Voronov, N. S. Yakhontova, and others. the 3 papers released in French were conscientiously checked by means of B. Milet. the ultimate enhancing has been performed on the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, and we thank J. H. Clark, P. D. Gregory, J. E. Kervick, and G. Warren for retyping a lot of the fabric. Our specified thank you are as a result of the D. Reidel Publishing corporation for the wonderful care they've got taken in printing those court cases of IAU Symposium No. forty five. G. A. CHEBOT AREV E. I. KAZIMIRCHAK-POLONSKA Y A B. G. MARSDEN advent the belief to arrange a Symposium on 'The movement, Evolution of Orbits, and foundation of Comets' dates again to the IAU 13th normal meeting, held in 1967 in Prague. because of the impossibility of finishing through the common meeting the dialogue at the challenge of orbital evolution of comets Professor G. A. Chebotarev, then the newly elected President of IAU fee 20, initiated the association of the foreign symposium in Leningrad the place the entire scope of cometary difficulties will be thought of from the perspective of celestial mechanics.

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The transformation to x is given by (9a) The variable e' may be transformed similarly. We introduce the transformation cD = 1 + cosy, 2(e' - e; - e~ -7T ::;; Y ::;; 0, e~ The expansion of the function ::;; e' ::;; Cf>n, e~. valid in the intervals [u 1 , U2] and [e~, e;], becomes 2: 2: tijjTlx) cos iy. 00 Cf>n = 00 1=0 j=O But cos if = Ti(y), where y = cos y and Ti(Y) is the Chebyshev polynomial of the ith degree in y. The transformation to y is given by e' = -t(e; - e~ ::;; e' ::;; e~)(l e;, + y) + e~ (9b) -I::;;y::;;+l.

References Vsekhsvyatskij, s. : 1958, Fizicheskie Kharakteristiki Komet, Moscow. ) Vsekhsvyatskij, S. : 1966a, Komety 1954-1960, Moscow. Vsekhsvyatskij, S. : 1966b, Mem. Soc. Roy. Sci. Liege Ser. 5 12, 57. Vsekhsvyatskij, S. : 1967, Komety 1961-1965, Moscow. Vsekhsvyatskij, S. K. and Il'ichishina, N. : 1970, Komety 1965-1969 (in press). 3. COMETARY BRIGHTNESS VARIATIONS AND CONDITIONS IN INTERPLANETARY SPACE D. A. ANDRIENKO, A. A. DEMENKO, I. M. DEMENKO, and I. D. R. Abstract. The study of cometary brightness variations can be a good method for determining conditions in interplanetary space.

The method allows the perturbing planets to have their actual nonelliptical motion. The method is semianalytical in that the series have numerical coefficients. Chebotarev et al. ), The Motion, Evolution a/Orbits, and Origin a/Comets, 43-51. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 1972 by the [AU. NACOZY 2. Expansion in Chebyshev Polynomials The method of general perturbations presented here may be applied to any formulation of the differential equations of motion of a comet. For this discussion, we will define the perturbations by second-order differential equations in rectangular coordinates.

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The Motion, Evolution of Orbits, and Origin of Comets by G. A. Chebotarev (auth.), G. A. Chebotarev, E. I. Kazimirchak-Polonskaya, B. G. Marsden (eds.)

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