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Whilst lots of the senses (hearing, sight, scent and style) have their very own organs, the tactile feel depends at the sensory nerve endings of the periph­ eral methods of the nerve cells within the spinal ganglia. those nerve endings are allotted over the whole physique. they range in quantity and constitution based on the character of the tissue. for example, the quantitative innervation of the mucosa differs from the innervation of the periosteum or the articular tablets. the outside and its similar tissues are quite richly innervated, yet the following too there are nearby transformations. a few parts, akin to the outside of the again, have really few nerve endings, when different elements (e.g. the surface of the hands) are richly innervated. so much authors describe the nerve endings systematically from the skin of the dermis to the decrease layers of the epidermis. at the foundation of the topographical standards, we differentiate among epidermal and dermal nerve endings.

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We failed to observe a fusion of the axolemma with the cytoplasmic membrane. The third question involves the layer of the epidermis that contains the boutons termineaux. Botezat (1912), Miller, Ralston and Kasahara (1958, 1960), and Quilliam (1966) found these endings in the granular layer. According to Cauna (1959), Munger (1965), and Ridley (1968), the free nerve endings even reached the horny layer where degeneration of the terminals was to be observed. Our findings are in complete agreement with those of Botezat (1912), Miller, Ralston and Kasahara (1958, 1960), and Quilliam (1966).

In light microscope studies, these endings were described as having a capsule (Botezat, 1912), but electron microscopy has shown this structure to be composed of stratified connective tissue (collagen fibres and fibrocytes) and not a perineural capsule. Consequently the Meissner corpuscle would be more correctly described as a nerve ending than as a nerve corpuscle (Cauna, 1966; Quilliam, 1966; Munger, 1971). The term "corpuscle" should be reserved for endings with a typical perineurial capsule.

9a, c, d, g, h, i). The length of the lanciform endings is about 300-400 fL. On the basis of their relation to the glassy membrane, which is very thin in the upper region of the hair follicle but in the lower regions reaches a thickness of 3-5 fL, we can differentiate two sections of the lanciform endings-the upper section is in contact with the basal lamina of the hair, whilst the lower sections does not reach the basal lamina and ends at the glassy membrane. The afferent axons of the dendritic bulboid nerve endings are situated in the mesenchymal sheath of the hair follicle and are myelinated.

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