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By Shahan Mufti

ISBN-10: 1590515064

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A journalist explores his family’s heritage to bare the hybrid cultural and political panorama of Pakistan, the world’s first Islamic democracy

Shahan Mufti’s kinfolk historical past, which he can hint again fourteen hundred years to the internal circle of the prophet Muhammad, deals an enlightened point of view at the mystifying heritage of Pakistan. Mufti makes use of the tales of his ancestors, a lot of whom served as judges and jurists in Muslim sharia courts of South Asia for lots of centuries, to bare the inner most roots—real and imagined—of Islamic civilization in Pakistan.
greater than a private heritage, The devoted Scribe captures the bigger tale of the world’s first Islamic democracy, and explains how the nation that after promised to bridge Islam and the West is now threatening to disintegrate below old and political strain, and why Pakistan’s future issues to us all.

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Sadaqa is not permissible for us,” said the Prophet (2340). Charity was good enough for others but not for the proud descendants of Muhammad, who in any case needed it less and less as they became heirs to the growing Arab imperialism. But though sadaqa was not permitted, gifts were welcome. BarIra, Muhammad’s wife’s freed slave, presented Muhammad with a piece of meat that his own wife had given her as sadaqa. He took it, saying: “That is Sadaqa for her and a gift for us” (2351). 11 War booty Within a very short period, zakAt became secondary, and war spoils became the primary source of revenue of the Muslim treasury.

26). Muhammad reserved his prayer for the Day of Resurrection and he would use it for the salvation of the believers” (note 412). We have no means of knowing about the curse of Noah, but this kind of cursing is quite in Muhammad’s line. For example, look at his curse against several tribes: “O Allah! trample severely Muzar and cause them a famine \ldots O Allah! curse LihyAn, Ri’l ZakwAn, Usayya, for they disobeyed Allah and His Messenger” (1428). 9 The Prophet’s father and uncles We must admit, however, that Muhammad was consistent.

There was no tax on horses meant for use in a jihAd. “The horse which is used for riding in jihAd is exempted from the payment of zakAt” (note 1313). 3 An unpopular tax There is an interesting hadIs which shows that the zakAt tax was unpopular even with the highest. ’Umar was appointed the collector. When he reported that KhalId b. WalId (who later became a famous Muslim general) and even the Prophet’s own uncle, ’AbbAs, had refused to pay the tax, Muhammad replied: “You are unjust to KhalId, for he reserved the armours and weapons for the sake of Allah; and as for ’AbbAs, I shall be responsible .

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