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By Harold Lamb

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The Crusades: The Flame of Islam, 1931, by way of Harold Lamb. old accounting of Saladin and his invasion to take again the Holy Land from the Crusaders. appealing leather-like hardcover with gilt layout and lettering, 473 pages, released via foreign Collector's Library.

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On the way to the mountain, my father would say to us, “Scatter. ” Then we, his sons, who knew the Koran by heart, would separate one from another and would recite until we reached the meeting place. Then my father gave his orders to the squires who went off to look for partridges. Still there remained with my father, between his companions and the mamluks, forty horsemen, experienced hunters. As soon as a bird took flight, or a hare or antelope stirred up the dust, we were off after them, ready to loose the falcons at them.

The visitor within the bonds of Islam did not make a gift to his host; instead the master of the house rewarded the guest. All property belonged to Allah, and they were but the keepers of it. Islam assured them that all happenings were written down in the book of fate, even the hours of their deaths. But fatalism brought its anodyne. If the props of a weak dwelling collapsed and the roof fell in, and perhaps someone was killed who could avert his fate? The house was rebuilt no stronger than before.

Then, after two or three days they were drugged again and carried out into the castle of Alamut, where they were told that, in reality, they had been allowed to visit the unearthly paradise the place that awaited them at death. No island of lotus eaters quite compared to the garden of the Eagle’s Nest. Above the entrance gate was written: AIDED BY GOD THE MASTER OF THE WORLD BREAKS THE CHAINS OF THE LAW. SALUTE TO HIS NAME! Just how the Assassins managed to appear to be all things to all men is one of the mysteries of elder Asia, wherein the straight path often went roundabout, and prophets spoke in parables, and sanctuaries were veiled, and men were led by ideas instead of rules.

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