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On September 30, 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten released twelve cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. 5 months later, millions of Muslims inundated the newspaper with outpourings of anger and grief via cellphone, electronic mail, and fax; from Asia to Europe Muslims took to the streets in protest. This booklet is the 1st complete research of the clash that aroused impassioned debates around the globe on freedom of expression, blasphemy, and the character of recent Islam.

Jytte Klausen interviewed politicians within the heart East, Muslim leaders in Europe, the Danish editors and cartoonists, and the Danish imam who begun the debate. Following the winding path of protests the world over, she deconstructs the arguments and explanations that drove the escalation of the more and more globalized clash. She concludes that the Muslim response to the cartoons used to be not—as used to be regularly assumed—a spontaneous emotional response coming up out of the conflict of Western and Islamic civilizations. fairly it used to be orchestrated, first by way of people with vested pursuits in elections in Denmark and Egypt, and later by means of Islamic extremists looking to destabilize governments in Pakistan, Lebanon, Libya, and Nigeria. Klausen indicates how the sketch situation used to be, accordingly, eventually a political clash instead of a big cultural false impression.

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In Copenhagen, eleven ambassadors representing Muslim countries to Denmark sent a letter shortly after the publication of the cartoons to Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen protesting against what they described as ‘‘an on-going smearing campaign in Danish public circles and media against Islam’’ (box 1). One of the envoys was Mona Omar Attia, the Egyptian ambassador. The Egyptian government immediately involved also the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, both of which also dispatched letters to the Danish government.

The imams and the activists had strong roots in various streams of Sunni radicalism but had not previously joined forces. The ethnic, even clannish, and theological tensions that are characteristics of Sunni radicalism in general were all represented in the inner circle of this little group but were temporarily overridden by a shared revulsion against the cartoons. The e√ort by Egypt and the OIC to coordinate government action and mobilize Muslim public opinion against Western Islamophobia in December 2005 soon gave way to a new phase of mass mobilization and radicalization.

At the same time, organizations focused on obtaining civil recognition and minority rights for Muslims in Europe criticized the cartoons’ Islamophobic derision of Muslims and their faith. Hizb ut-Tahrir and other extremist Islamists in London seeking the new caliphate joined the sheikhs in Pakistan in calling for the cartoonists’ beheading. In Denmark thousands of Muslims protested against both the imam coalitions’ attempt to speak for them and the cartoons. Toward the end of January 2006, Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen changed course and tried to contain the conflict.

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