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By Paul Andrews

ISBN-10: 1782343881

ISBN-13: 9781782343882

How good have you learnt your 90's Pop tune? This Quiz booklet will attempt even the main avid fan, with questions that span the 90's bands and songs! try your self and your pals with this 90's Pop song Quiz booklet.

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Who had a ‘Cry for help’? What did ‘Desree’ sing about? Who was a ‘Space Cowboy’? What did ‘MN8’ have for you? Who sang ‘Your bodies callin’? Who was ‘Bomb Diggy’? Who had ‘The Power’? Which comedy duo had a hit with ‘The Stomp’ Who was ‘The One and only’? Who invited you and you relative to the killing, name the band and song? Who wanted to ‘Sex you up’? Who wanted to ‘Stay’? What did Jimmy Nail confirm to you? Who was Freddy Mercury living with? Who sang ‘Everything changes’? Who sang ‘Come on you reds’?

Who sung ‘Mambo No5’? What had ‘London Beat’ been thinking about? What fairy tale piece of music did Robert Miles create? Who had a hit with ‘C’est La Vie’? Who had a hit with ‘Salva Mea Which way did ‘Five’ Ask you if you were going? What was ‘Leftfield’ if not……? What did *NSYNC want? What secret did Kylie Minogue want you to keep? What number did ‘Steps’ sing about? Who had the hit ‘Save it till the mourning after’? Who sang the song ‘Step by step’? The band ‘Secret Life’ had a what sort of love?

Who sang ‘Everything changes’? Who sang ‘Come on you reds’? Who was singing about ‘Saturday Night’? Who was famous for ‘Killing me softly’? Who said ‘say eh-oh’? Fat Boy Slim wanted to do what to you? Who had a ‘Perfect Moment’? Who ‘Swore it again’? Who thought ‘She was the one’? Who asked ‘Baby one more time’? Who did Blondie sing about? What farewell did ‘The Spice Girls’ Sing? Who had a hit with Chocolate Salty Balls’? Who made a ‘Bootie Call’? Name all the people who sung about ‘Three Lions’?

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The 90s Pop Music Quiz Book by Paul Andrews

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