New PDF release: Sexism & Science

By Evelyn Reed

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Primatology and prejudice --
Sociobiology and pseudoscience --
An resolution to "The Nake Ape" and different books on aggression --
Lionel Riger's "Men in Groups": self-portrait of a woman-hater --
Anthropology and feminism: an alternate of perspectives --
The problem of the matriarchy --
The misconceptions of Claude Levi-Strauss on "The user-friendly constructions of Kinship" --
Evolutionism and antievolutionism.

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Indeed, once hum an society is biologized, anyone can play the gam e by inventing a fanciful hypothesis equating us with anim als. Elaine M organ’s book at least has the merit of a refreshing new type of biologism compared to the stale m yths of eternal m ale supremacy. However, despite the concessions he m akes to anim al m atriarchs, Wilson prefers to play his overall gam e with the well-worn chips of the Tiger-Fox band. Thus he depicts the anim al aggregates of females and offspring with the m ale stud attached to the group as a “harem ” under the domina­ tion of a m ale lord and m aster.

P. 504]. Above the carnivores are the prim ates. Wilson writes th a t the m acaques and chim panzees are “m atrifocal” in the choice of helpers. The fem ales band together and tru st their infants to one another. , p. ) Sociobiology and Pseudoscience 45 Sex D isp a rities Wilson, who is so foggy about the qualitative species distinc­ tion between hum ans and anim als, seems to be equally at sea about the sex differentiation in nature. , p. 318). , p. 140). Among the ants, bees, and wasps, “males are usually discriminated against as a group.

112). If so, it is a simplification based on fact, not on prejudice. ” Some of these are 32 Sexism an d Science perm anent; others are tem porary to repel a troublesome male. G. G ray E aton writes th a t the adult female Japanese macaques form alliances with one another, a kind of behavior that is rarely observed in unrelated males. . If a male fights with a female, other fem ales will usually come to her aid, whereas adult males rarely assist one another. . Female alliances therefore appear to be more important in regulating the cohesiveness of the macaque social order than sexual attraction between m ales and females, which in this species is seasonal and transitory [“The Social Order of Japanese Macaques,” in Scientific American, October 1976, p.

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