Servant of the Crown: A Powder Mage Novella by Brian McClellan PDF

By Brian McClellan

Captain Tamas is an bold younger officer within the Adran military. As a commoner, he's one among only a few with out noble blood to carry a rank. while he demanding situations the son of a duke over an insult, the following duel lands him in sizzling water with the the Aristocracy and the royal cabal of Privileged sorcerers. Tamas is quickly drawn right into a clash that is going to the very optimum workplace within the land, and his in simple terms best friend is the main not likely of individuals; a tender noblewoman named Erika, who wishes Tamas to coach her the right way to wield her powers as a powder mage.

Occurs approximately thirty-five years earlier than the occasions in Promise of Blood.

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Let me just . . “ He caught it then. It was very faint, and at first he thought it just his imagination. But a moment later the scent intensified. Jasmine perfume. “No,” he said. “You just . . “ Erika began. Tamas cut her off. “No. I can’t. Too much to do. This is just . . just child’s play. You should go. ” His voice rose until the last word was nearly a shout. Erika stepped back, her face scrunched with alarm, her hand on her sword, and Tamas realized how violently the words had come out.

31 The man that halted a dozen paces from Tamas was vaguely familiar. He had a barrel chest, wide shoulders, and a white mane of hair that flowed freely about the collar of his shirt. He could not have been less than fifty, and he stood with one hand planted threateningly on the hilt of his sword. “Captain Tamas,” the man boomed. ” Tamas responded warily. Everything about the man spoke of imminent violence. He glanced toward the royal guard stationed in the foyer, but they ignored him. “Then you are a bloody fool,” the man said.

Dienne stared at him as if she were looking at a particularly hideous dog. Tamas wondered if anyone had ever shown her any kind of defiance in her life as a Privileged. “Have it your way,” she finally said with a snort. Tamas felt the pressure in his teeth increase suddenly, and he anticipated the scream that was about to tear itself from his throat. “That’s enough of that,” a voice said. The room grew very suddenly still. The guards all looked at the Privileged, Dienne’s posture was suddenly stiff as if there was something pressed against the small of her back.

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