Rebel and Saint: Muslim Notables, Populist Protest, Colonial by Julia A. Clancy-Smith PDF

By Julia A. Clancy-Smith

ISBN-10: 0520212169

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Julia Clancy-Smith's exceptional examine brings us a awesome view of North African background from the viewpoint of the North Africans themselves. targeting the spiritual ideals and political activities of Muslim elites and their fans in Algeria and Tunisia, she presents a richly designated research of resistance and lodging to colonial rule.Clancy-Smith demonstrates the continuities among the eras of Turkish and French rule in addition to the significance of neighborhood ties between elite households in defining Saharan political cultures. She rejects the location that Algerians and Tunisians have been consistently sufferers of western colonial aggression, arguing as a substitute that Muslim notables understood the skin global and have been relatively in a position to manipulating the large alterations taking place round them.

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Biskra furnishes a model for social arrangements in the pre-Sahara on the eve of the French conquest. The city was divided into five factions, each having its own quarter, mosque, and gates into the gardens. One of the five main residential sections was further divided into seven smaller neighborhoods, each housing a different socioethnic group: the dar al-'abid was inhabited by sub-Saharan Africans; the dar al-haddad was occupied only by ironsmiths, universally regarded as pariahs due to their profession; another subquarter housed kin groupings of holy men of Moroccan ancestry.

These exemptions, combined with the ritualized offerings of clients and pilgrims, often placed local religious notables in the large landholding class. [17] In nineteenth-century Tunisia, the bey conferred letters of investiture upon the shaykh al-shuyukh (leader of the major sufi orders), who was frequently considered a saint and member of the ulama corps as well. [18] The Husaynid state's efforts to tap into the social prestige of saints and sufi shaykhs residing on the margins of the beylik's realms are significant.

53] Several Rahmaniyya zawaya served as cores for mahdist-led revolts which 45 were either led or supported by sufi notables. And if the madih was a cultural medium that was widely employed in North Africa to honor saints, sufis, and the pious, later, in the context of militant resistance to the colonial order, the praise poem promoted messianic rebels. One example was Bu Ziyan, who after proclaiming himself the mahdi in 1849, launched an anti-French rebellion that was endorsed by some Saharan Rahmaniyya elites, among them, the 'Azzuz clan.

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