Private Sector Involvement in the EMU: The Power of Ideas by S. Collignon PDF

By S. Collignon

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This ebook seems to be on the position of the organization for financial Union in Europe's function within the development of the Euro. It argues that the AMUE performed a popular position within the adoption of a couple of proposals on the topic of the only forex and had a guiding effect at the transition from a market-let to an institution-centred method of financial union.

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In the late 1980s the idea was still dominant that the Ecu basket at the heart of the EMS could be developed into a European currency, which would then bring about exchange-rate stabilization and monetary integration almost automatically. However, this could only work if the Ecu was widely used. Hence, private-sector engagement was deemed crucial. The need for political commitment to the objective of exchange-rate stability, the creation of a monetary union, and the need for an institutional back-up was only recognized later.

Liberal intergovernmentalism would attribute importance to both organizations if proven that respective material interests in EMU gained enough political weight to influence national preferences. This understanding cannot be sufficient for two reasons. First, we have a different object of explanation; we wish to not only model the role of NGOs in relation to nation states, but to investigate the process of transborder preference convergence around a set of ideas. We are less interested in the lotus flower than in the mud that feeds its growth.

In reality, the exchange rate mechanism of the EMS was managed after 1979 as a parity grid in which the Deutschmark effectively became the anchor.

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