Robert J. McCaffrey (ed.), Anjali A. Palav (ed.), Sid E.'s Practitioner’s Guide to Symptom Base Rates in Clinical PDF

By Robert J. McCaffrey (ed.), Anjali A. Palav (ed.), Sid E. O’Bryant (ed.), Andrew S. Labarge (ed.)

ISBN-10: 0306478293

ISBN-13: 9780306478291

ISBN-10: 1461500796

ISBN-13: 9781461500797

This quantity is meant to function an reduction within the strategy of differential analysis which often confronts neuropsychologists. The consultant is a compendium of data of the bottom charges of indicators throughout numerous issues which neuropsychologists come upon. as well as serving as a handy resource of data on symptom base premiums, this quantity additionally includes exact pass referencing of signs throughout disorders.

This e-book is meant to be used by means of medical neuropsychologists and psychologists.

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C",·1 Ihallucinations2,5l,~J 191 ked faces 1,5 I 33! memory defTc~s2,5=""~'C~T~10-~ p"erseve-ration 2,5· . , T'"-~811 iincontinence2:5·"~~ .......... ," ," . . . . . ,_" Ibradykinesia 1,4 . . ""ccc. stooped posture 1,4 ! 5! c+C"-CC"";;j rconfusion2:5-"-"-- ~C_~"--951 2,5 i,~" suspicion I 291 . cCC""_~~+"~c~+ •. Nationality: US Other Sample Characteristics: Method of Reporting: ipatient history, 2physical exam Timeframe: 3since onset of condition, 4current Snowden et al. (1995) Dc = 21 Diagnostic Criteria: DSM-III Gender: 5/16 Age: 76 (7) Race: Population Setting: outpatients % 7 [~Y~Et~m·:====""-+T="=,~j il.

Idifficulty rising from a ichair Idifficulty with alternating • imovements difficuliywith'finger .. i, rpyramidaisymptomSZ~1-21~1 ,_~" __,~" ,,,,,,, ~~ __ "~",,""" m~_ ,~"'_"' __u_~+~ __ ~,,_,~,,_~ drug-induced extrapyramidal symptoms 1 ! hyper-salivation 2 ~hypokinesia 1 rhypokinesia2.. ···~····· 77 43 Dementia Merello et al. abnormal g(3it Ir---abnormal posture Iabnormal speech '"~~,-''' "'~ ""'~"~,-,,~,,-~----,-~~ U'-"""" Ibody bradykinesia rdifficultyrisingfrom a····' Ichair I············ , ...

L ____ L___ ___ ~ [a~tatio~3 . ' . 1 . . , ! 1~i~~_=L=_3. . ·~==. . ~ Imemory problems ! -T~~4~4! ~. '62~O! ~..... 5 . ••. - ... ... J3_..... _j}5. 6J 55 Dementia Rockwell et al. (1994) !! anxjet~? 4! 1! ,symptoms 1 . 2: I\fV~~~~e~i':1~3" Chui et al. Citi~n i~ogwhee! 9i~~~~_ Chui et al. (1994) !! 5) Race: Population Setting: university medical center outpatients Nationality: US Other Sample Characteristics: initial MMSE score between 20-28 Method of Reporting: Timeframe: current r····· ........

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Practitioner’s Guide to Symptom Base Rates in Clinical Neuropsychology by Robert J. McCaffrey (ed.), Anjali A. Palav (ed.), Sid E. O’Bryant (ed.), Andrew S. Labarge (ed.)

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