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By W. J. Nokleberg, J. W. Parfenov, et al.

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1, 3) that occurs in the eastern part of the Russian Northeast (Stavsky and others, 1989; Zonenshain and others, 1990; Bogdanov and Til’man, 1992; Sokolov, 1992; Parfenov and others, 1993a, b; Nokleberg and others, 1994a; Sokolov and Byalobzhesky, 1996). The Mainitskiy island-arc terrane consists of two sequences (Stavsky and others, 1989; Shmakin, 1991; Vishnevskaya and others, 1991; Sokolov, 1992; Didenko and others, 1993; Sokolov and Byalobzhesky, 1996). An older sequence consists of a lower unit of serpentinite and serpentinite melange that contain fragments of late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic ophiolite with Middle and Late Jurassic radiolarians, and an upper Berriasian and Valanginian unit of graywacke, siltstone, tuff, and bedded chert.

The arc consists of an extensive suite of mainly turbidites, volcaniclastic rocks, volcanic rocks, and plutonic rocks. Remnants of the arc (fig. 4) are preserved in (1) the Kahiltna sedimentary and volcanic assemblage (ka) in southern Alaska; (2) the Gravina-Nutzotin-Gambier volcanic-plutonic-sedimentary belt (gg) in southcentral and southeastern Alaska and the western part of the Canadian Cordillera; and (3) the Cadwallader (CD) (younger part), Methow (MT), Izee (IZ), and Wallowa (WA) island-arc and turbidite-basin terranes, the Spences Bridge volcanic-plutonic belt (sb), and the Tahtsa-Three Sisters-François Lake magmatic assemblage (tt) in the southern part of the Canadian Cordillera (figs.

In western Alaska, the original linear arrangement of these terranes has been extensively disrupted by Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic dextral-slip faulting along the Kobuck (KO), Kaltag (KA), and Denali (DE) Faults (fig. 4). The Velmay subduction-zone terrane (VE, figs. 1, 3) consists chiefly of a suite of Triassic silicic volcanogenic rocks that are composed of metamorphosed Triassic basalt, tuff, chert, siliceous and argillaceous slate, graywacke, and tectonic blocks of serpentinized harzburgite, pyroxenite, gabbro, and plagiogranite (Voevodin and others, 1978; Tynankergav and Bychkov, 1987).

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Phanerozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Circum-North Pacific by W. J. Nokleberg, J. W. Parfenov, et al.

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