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By Wael B. Hallaq

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Overlaying greater than 3 centuries of criminal historical past, this examine offers a huge account of ways Islam constructed its personal legislation from old close to jap felony cultures, Arabian widely used legislation and Quranic reform. The e-book explores the interaction among legislations and politics, demonstrating how the jurists and ruling elite led a symbiotic life that ironically allowed Islamic legislation to turn into uniquely self reliant of the "state."

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The importance of the Quran as the principal guide of Muslim life required the fixing of a vulgate. During Mugammad’s life and immediately thereafter, the text existed as fragments, written down on parchment (sometimes even on shoulder-blades and stones) by a number of Companions, possibly as early as the Meccan period. Some parts of it had also been committed to memory by certain of the Prophet’s supporters and relatives. Abu Bakr attempted to create an official collection of the text, but the project seems to have failed.

All this goes to show that the Peninsular Arabs were not mere nomads subsisting on a primitive desert economy. While there were tribes, such as certain clans of the Kinda, who did lead a nomadic lifestyle, the majority of 14 See Sayyid Salim, Tarikh al-qArab fi qAsr al-Jahiliyya (Alexandria: Mupassasat Shabab al-Jamiqa, 1990), 360, on the authorities of Isbahani and Ibn Hisham. 15 Evidence shows that most of Arabia was not entirely nomadic, and that there was no necessary relationship between tribal nomadism and a ‘‘primitive’’ lifestyle.

By the time of his death in 13/634, order was restored, the tribes having been largely subdued. With this reassertion of Islamic dominance over the entire Arabian Peninsula, the nascent state emerged all the more powerful, with a reinforced assurance of its military strength and religious conviction. The consolidation of the military and political standing of the young state permitted qUmar b. al-Khattab (qUmar I), the second caliph, to undertake intensive military campaigns directed mainly at the Syrian and Iraqian north, ruled, respectively, by the vassal kingdoms of Byzantium and Sasanid Persia.

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