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By Steve Ryan

ISBN-10: 0806913045

ISBN-13: 9780806913049

Those sensational new math puzzles are full of misplaced, hidden, and lacking quantity demanding situations that may have you ever looking the outer limits of your mind's eye. All will attempt your I.Q.--and persistence. although, you do not have to be a math genius to resolve them. such a lot simply ask you to use uncomplicated addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division--they're meant to trick your considering, no longer your math. So come on in, and play your method via dozens of magic squares, mazes, devious dissections, good judgment difficulties, weight and date puzzles, coin and matchstick maneuvers, and numerical notice video games. ninety six pages, a hundred thirty b/w illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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If successful in his last choice, he would marry the lady and his ordeal would be over. The day of the trial arrived and all went according to plan. Twice the courtier selected a lady. He tried his best to determine if the second lady was the same as the first but was unable to decide. Beads of perspiration glistened on his forehead. The face of the princess-she was ignorant this time of who went where-was as pale as white marble. Exactly what probability did the courtier have of finding a lady on his third guess?

The obvious next step is to investigate square boards of other sizes. The order·1 case is trivial. t NUMERICAL PROBLEMS 2 board to destroy all squares, and six from the order-3. The order-4 situation is difficult enough to be interesting; beyond that the difficulty seems to increase rapidly. The combinatorial mathematician is not likely to be content until he has a formula that gives the minimum number of toothpicks as a function of the board's order and also a method for producing at least one solution for any given order.

Frank S. Gillespie and W. R. Utz, in A Generalized Langford Problem," Fibonacci Quarterly (vol. 4, April 1966, pages 184-86), extended the problem to triplets, quartets, and higher sets of cards. They were unable to find solutions for any sets higher than pairs. Eugene Levine, writing in the same journal ("On the Generalized Langford Problem," vol. 6, November 1968, pages 135-38), showed that a necessary condition for a solution in the case of triplets is that n (the number of triplets) be equal to -1, 0, or 1 (modulo 9).

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