Download e-book for iPad: Mystery of the Snow Pearls (Dungeons & Dragons Module CM5) by Anne Gray McCready

By Anne Gray McCready

ISBN-10: 0880382392

ISBN-13: 9780880382397

Certainly one of 4 magical, snow white pearls holding Tarylon has been stolen! and also you, a significant other point elf, are accountable for its secure preserving. Now the very lifestyles of your attractive village is threatened until you'll find the robust pearl. Milgor, the evil wizard with an evil feel of enjoyable, demanding situations you in finding the pearl, and go back it to Tarylon. yet it isn't that straightforward. Time is working out whenever you try and observe and clear up the riddles of Milgor during this intriguing, perplexing experience. Time is operating out for Tarylon! This event makes use of the Magic Viewer method to bare hidden encounters, puzzles, and traps.

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Mystery of the Snow Pearls (Dungeons & Dragons Module CM5) by Anne Gray McCready

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