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By Henri Pirenne

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This posthumous paintings of the popular pupil Henri Pirenne (originally released in 1939)offered a brand new and decisive clarification of the evolution of Europe from the time of Constantine to that of Charlemagne. His progressive principles overthrew some of the so much adored conceptions in regards to the center a long time: specifically that "the Germanic invasions destroyed neither the Mediterranean cohesion of the traditional global, nor the basic positive factors of Roman tradition" and that "the explanation for the holiday with the culture of antiquity was once the development of Islam…"

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Nor is comparative philosophy between East and West pos- Chaper 3: Metaphysics and Philosophy East and West 4 7 sible without considering the hierarchic nature of man's faculties and the modes of knowledge accessible to him. One of the most unfortunate and in fact tragic elements that has prevented most modern Western men from understanding Oriental teachings and in fact much of their own tradition is that they wish to study traditional man on the basis of the model of twodimensional modern man deprived of the transcendent dimensio~, the type of man with whom they are usually closely associated.

But, properly, urban-industrialism must be regarded as an experiment. And if the scientific spirit has taught us anything of value, it is that honest experiments may well fail. When they do, there must be a radical reconsideration, one which does not flinch even at the prospect of abandoning the project. " T. ,.. and Transcendence in Postindustrial Society, Berkeley (CA), Celestial Arts, 1989, p. :xxiv of introduction. 12. Such men as R. Guenon in his Crisis of the Modern World, trans. by M. Pallis and R.

In fact if man cannot remain khallfat Allah, then he is dragged ultimately to the state of becoming khallfat al-shaytan, the vicegerent of Satan. A humanism cut off from God cannot but lead to the infrahuman. One would think that the experiment carried out by Western lllan since the Renaissance should be sufficient "experimental" proof of this metaphysical assertion. But for certain types of mentalities hYPnotized by the glitter of the modern world even such "experimental" evidence does not seem to be sufficient, although usually such h.

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