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By Robert Britton Professor Emeritus

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We will now demonstrate this translation process. ”, which is the next to last instruction in the “Text Segment” above, located at memory location [0x00400078]. 34 In Appendix C we are shown how this instruction is encoded in binary. ori Rt, Rs, Imm Op-Code # RF[Rt] = RF[Rs] OR Imm Rs Rt Imm 001101ssssstttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii The macro instruction “load Immediate” (li $v0, 10) was the original assembly language instruction. Looking in Appendix D we find that the actual instruction (ori $2, $0, 10) is used to accomplish the task of loading register $v0 with the value ten.

2) The sum of all the negative odd elements in the array passed back through $v1. 5 Write a function SUM(N) to find the sum of the integers from 1 to N, making use the multiplication and shifting operations. The value N will be passed to the procedure in $a0 and the result will be returned in the $v0 register. Write a MIPS assembly language main program that will call the SUM function five times each time passing a different value to the function for N, and then printing the results. 6 50 Write a function FIB(N, &array) to store the first N elements of the Fibonacci sequence into an array in memory.

Unless everyone in a programming team adheres to the same convention for passing arguments (parameters), the programming project will degenerate into chaos. Students using this textbook are expected to use the convention defined below. If everyone uses the same convention, then it should be possible to run a program using randomly select functions written by different students in the class. 2 The Stack Segment in Memory Every program has three segments of memory assigned to it by the operating system when the program is loaded into memory by the linking loader.

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