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One must still confront the equations with reality and know what facts the mathematics hides. ” An interesting profession of faith from the mouth of he who many consider as a quintessential abstractor, and one may clearly distinguish the gulf that separates him from some of our mathematicians. [. . ] The language is quite clear, even the simplicity of the vocabulary is evocative. And then, there is the body language: it is that of a sculptor whose hand caresses present, though unreal, forms. His hands are full of forms, moving them, directing them.

Indeed, we have seen above that the change in the speed of the flow of time with the speed of an observer, and the twin paradox that it implies, constituted the central revolutionary conceptual contribution of Einstein’s article. Bergson, at any rate, never changed his mind. ”6 He regularly encountered Einstein in the ’20s, in the setting of the committee on intellectual cooperation of the League of Nations. They were mutually appreciative of each other, but probably avoided speaking of their opposing conceptions of time.

Let us finish this chapter by simply indicating that the observable phenomena associated with the deregulation of time, predicted by Einstein and connected to the presence of the velocitydependent factor k, were indeed verified some years later. In his original article of June 1905, Einstein indicated that in principle the effect of the deregulation of time produced by moving at high speed should be observable on Earth, by comparing a (spring-driven) clock located at the equator with an identically constructed clock located at the pole.

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