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By Mark L. Greenberg, Lance Schachterle

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The essays during this assortment argue that literature from the center a long time to the current has been formed -- thematically, officially, and materially -- by way of know-how, and within the such a lot functional experience applied sciences have additionally been remodeled by means of their depiction particularly texts.

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His book on Newton and the Failure of Messianic Science (with Robert Markley) is forthcoming. Page 26 JUDITH YAROSS LEE is Assistant Professor of Journalism in the Scripps School of Journalism and Assistant Professor of Rhetoric in the School of Interpersonal Communication at Ohio University. The Executive Director of the Society for Literature and Science, she has published essays on science, technology, and literature, as well as on American studies in journals as diverse as American Heritage of Invention and Technology and Chicago Review.

From the perspective of imaginative literaturethat is, from Aristophanes's "The Clouds" through Voltaire's Candide to Tom Stoppard's "Jumpers"the philosopher is presented as someone lacking in appropriate existential engagement with reality. "Philosopher! ''4 Even in fictional memoirs by philosophers, such as The Education of Henry Adams or Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea, the protagonist is portrayed in something less than a fully sympathetic light. Perhaps the closest to an exaltation of philosophy that can be found in imaginative literature occurs in Boswell's Life of Johnson, where the protagonist is a philosopher in only a very weak sense, or in Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, which focuses on a religious, not to say poetic, philosopher.

Second, the Indo-European root, "tekth-", "to put in hand," brings the literature and science duality from the Arnoldian heights of abstractions about "the best which has been thought and said in the world" to a more immediate reality of making and doing. Reading and writing does involve craft and practice as much as knowledge and genius. Literature conveys not concepts existing in a void, but concepts worked over to present a richness of felt experience. " Bald little tinkers (like Socrates) make as many contributions to knowledge as do abstract philosophers.

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