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I • ';:. r' I• . . . . . . . · · . . ridl . : • . . . -� e . • • . e • . . -.. -. ,__J I 'iZ. ttll : . \, � . ,.. ,·/· , \ ·' '·-·/ Fig. S Lincolnshire: Domesday place-names. · Places with burgesses are indicated by initials: G, Grantham ; Li, Lincoln; Lo, Louth; S, Stamford ; T, Torksey. The boundary of alluvium and peat is shown; see Fig. 4. LINCOLNSHIRE heathland o n the limestone above and a stretch of damp clay lowland to the west. In Lindsey, a similar line of villages stretches northwards from Lincoln, and the parish territory of each village likewise includes both heathland and clayland.

Xix. Eleventh. Century, op. cit. p. xix. L I N C O L N S H I RE be explained, no general explanation of the occasional excess of teams seems to emerge from the Lincolnshire evidence. 2 In other places, the number of plough­ lands is exactly double that of the carucates; the figures are usually left to speak for themselves but occasionally the fact is explicitly stated. An entry for Minting and Little Minting (3 5 1 ) says that ' there are 7 carucates of land [assessed] to the geld, and 5 bovates and the fifth part of a bovate [assessed] to the geld.

It is, wrote Round, ' as absolutely certain that the Domesday caruca was composed of eight oxen as that our own sovereign is composed of twenty shillings',1 and his conclusion has been generally accepted by a succession of Domesday scholars. This view, it must be emphasised, does not con­ flict with the fact that the teams to be seen in the field may have varied in size. ' 3 Instead of saying, for instance, that 27 sokemen had 38 oxen at North Thoresby and Autby (Haverstoe), they said that ' 27 sokemen had 5 teams less 2 oxen' (342b).

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