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By E. J. Van Donzel

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This one-volume paintings incorporates a precis of the subject-matter of "The Encyclopaedia of Islam". it may function a brief reference instrument for these attracted to the faith, the believers and the international locations of the Islamic global. All entries are given in English: hence, names of Arabic beginning which within the West have been corrupted to a different spelling, resembling Ibn Sina to Avicenna, al-Kuhl to alcohol, are came upon less than the latter time period.

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Abu Mashar* al-Balkhi*): Arab astrologer from Balkh; ca. 790886. He wrote several works on astrology, some of which were translated into Latin with such titles as Introductorium in astronomiam Albumasaris Abalachii, De magnis coniunctionibus, and Flores astrologiae. Alcabitius (A. al-Qabisi*, Abd al-Aziz*): Arab astrologer; xth c. His main work is an exposition of some of the fundamental principles of horoscopy. Alcantara (A. al-qantara*, pl. qanatir*): the Arabic word means a bridge of masonry or stone, an aqueduct (or dam), and a high building.

Al-Walid in 636. The monumental Great Mosque was constructed in the viiith c. In 944 the town became the capital of the Hamdanid amir Sayf al-Dawla, whose court was a centre of great literary activity. In 962 it was destroyed by the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus Phocas. During the xith c. Aleppo, ruled by the Mirdasids, had to resist the Byzantines and the Fatimids, and in 1086 it was annexed to the empire of the Great Saljuqs. In 1103 Aleppo was forced to pay tribute to the Crusaders, but in 1129 Imad* al-Din Zangi's son Nur al-Din Mahmud rebuilt the walls, the citadel, the Great Mosque and the markets (A.

He centralized the government by suppressing the unlimited vizierates. He is also known for his administrative policy. Although illiterate, he was genuinely interested in Comparative Religion. Akhbariyya: term which, in the Twelver Shia*, denotes those who rely primarily on the traditions (A. akhbar*) of the Imams as a source of religious knowledge, in contrast to the Usuliyya. Akhund-zada: the first writer of original plays in Azeri Turkish; 18111878. Alamut: name of a fortress in the Alburz mountains north of Qazvin in Iran.

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