Sherman A. Jackson's Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking Toward the Third PDF

By Sherman A. Jackson

ISBN-10: 019518081X

ISBN-13: 9780195180817

Sherman Jackson deals a trenchant exam of the profession of Islam one of the blacks of the USA. Jackson notes that not anyone has provided a powerful clarification of why Islam unfold between Blackamericans (a coinage he explains and defends) yet no longer between white americans or Hispanics. the idea has been that there's an African connection. actually, Jackson indicates, not one of the specific good points of African Islam look within the proto-Islamic, black nationalist pursuits of the early twentieth century. in its place, he argues, Islam owes its momentum to the distinctively American phenomenon of "Black Religion," a God-centered holy protest opposed to anti-black racism.
Islam in Black the United States starts off as a part of a communal look for instruments with which to strive against racism and redefine American blackness. The 1965 repeal of the nationwide Origins Quota approach resulted in a huge inflow of international Muslims, who quickly vastly outnumbered the blacks whom they discovered right here working towards an indigenous type of Islam. Immigrant Muslims may come to workout a digital monopoly over the definition of a correctly constituted Islamic existence in the US. For those Muslims, the nemesis used to be no longer white supremacy, yet "the West." of their eyes, the West was once no longer a racial, yet a non secular and civilizational probability. American blacks quickly realized that competition to the West and competition to white supremacy weren't synonymous. certainly, says Jackson, one can't be anti-Western with no additionally being on a few point anti-Blackamerican. just like the Black Christians of an past period suffering to discover their voice within the context of Western Christianity, Black Muslims now started to try to discover their black, American voice within the context of the super-tradition of historic Islam. Jackson argues that Muslim culture itself includes the assets to reconcile blackness, American-ness, and adherence to Islam. it truly is crucial, he contends, to maintain inside of Islam the valid facets of Black faith, with a view to keep away from what Stephen Carter calls the domestication of faith, wherein faith is rendered incapable of resisting the nation and the dominant tradition. whilst, Jackson says, it really is crucial for Blackamerican Muslims to reject an particular concentrate on the general public sq. and the secular objective of subverting white supremacy (and Arab/immigrant supremacy) and to improve a convention of private piety and spirituality attuned to particular Blackamerican wishes and idiosyncrasies.

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77 In fact, he all but ignores Islam, relegating it to the ranks of the small and desparate “cults” of the northern metropolis. 78 During the period under consideration, however, as the disembodied spirit of Black Religion floated about in search of new accomodations, it would be Islam, at this point more imagined than real, that offered asylum. 79 For my purposes, however, it is important to recognize that these men were not so much interpreting Islam as they were appropriating it. There was little or no attention devoted to the manner in which previous Muslim communities had understood or practiced Islam.

71 The South, moreover, was home to Blackamerican folk culture. After slavery and Reconstruction, the evils of racial discrimination continued to circumscribe black life in both the North and the South. But because black southerners shared with their white counterparts many features of a common culture, for example, food, language, “southern pride,” integration (as the antidote to segregation) did not necessarily imply assimilation, or surrendering to the ways of an alien dominant culture. As such, as long as the majority of 42 islam and the blackamerican Blackamericans remained in the South, Black Religion could function, mutatis mutandis, pretty much as it always had.

This was the beginning of the great transformation from what Albert Raboteau refers to as the “invisible institution” of “slave religion” to the highly visible and consciously Protestant phenomenon of Black Religion. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as part of its struggle to stem the hegemonic advance of Renaissance and Enlightenment paganism and stop the extension of Catholic ecclesiastical authority, America was increasingly a Protestant country. It lived in the aftermath of the Protestant Reformation and produced a First and Second Protestant “Great Awakening” of its own.

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