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By Ghulam Sarwar

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Added pen-andink illustrations of the emperor’s plight to his long letter to King Philip III of Spain in 1615. His report, now understood by scholars to be one of the most significant American responses to European colonization, dealt directly with the execution of Atahualpa. Shortly after Atahualpa’s death, Pizarro crowned Atahualpa’s other brother, Manco Inca, as a puppet emperor, but by 1535 Manco rebelled, retreated to the hidden fortress of Vilcabamba, and led a massive Inca uprising that endured until the 1570s.

Kelleher Azores An archipelago of nine Atlantic Ocean islands that lie at 39°43ʹ west longitude and 39°55ʹ north latitude and that became a crucial stop for European vessels heading to the Western Hemisphere. The Azores sit atop a volcanic ocean chain in the eastern Atlantic. Centuries of geological action have given the islands remarkably fertile soil. In addition, a number of the islands have flat, well-watered coastal plains making them an excellent location for agriculture. Their more northerly location meant that the climate was cooler than other Atlantic islands such as Cape Verde.

In the years after Hadrian’s command the English organized an attempted seizure of Ireland. They benefited at first when one Irish king, Dermot MacMurrough (Diarmaid Mac Murchadha) invited Richard Strongbow (Strigul de Clare), one of Henry’s knights, to come to Ireland to help him gain control over the entire island. Strongbow agreed, though the Anglo-Normans from the start believed that they crossed the Irish Sea not to help a native Irish lord claim control of the island but, instead, to gain possession of it for themselves.

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